1. Are all loops royalty free?
Yes, 100% royalty free! All loops are cleared for commercial use.
2. Do I have to credit you?
No, credits are not obligated although we'd appreciate it!
3. Can I (re)sell / share these packages?
No, (re)selling or sharing these packs or separate loops is strictly prohibited ánd prosecutable. We try to price our packs as reasonable as possible!
4. I like the feel but can’t find the right loops, could you help out?
Yes, you can get in touch with the 'musicians behind the loop' and request their recording services, for a remote recording session!
5. Do you also provide mixing services?
Yes! Besides our remote recording services, we also provide mixing services.
6. I placed an order, where do I get my product?
The order will be send to your e-mailadres. If it seems you didn't receive it, please check your junk / spam mail or contact us.
7. How do I thank you?
While no credit is required, credits / links / collabs are appreciated!