Journey Of An Artist

Journey Of An Artist


In this blog our guest writer Rob Brummans (Mindru) will share how he got to where he is now and where he wants to go next. He'll explain a little about his process on gathering inspiration to produce music and which artists inspired and continue to inspire me the most. He will also share details in regard to his other passion project, which is an online festival on Twitch: ‘RaveLock’.

Passion is key

The year is 2008, after having visited several festivals as a 21 year old, I’ve started to grow a passion for music production. As a kid I used to experiment with a basic production program like ‘E-Jay Dance’, but I quickly decided to dive into Fl Studio (Fruity Loops). From that day on forward, there hasn’t been a single year where I haven’t worked on my projects.
My name is Rob Brummans, artist name: ‘Mindru’. Whenever people ask me where I got the name from, they’ll always get the same answer. Mindru stands for ‘pride’ in Romanian. It’s
the last name of a friend from Romania, I spoke to extensively in my high school years. I wanted a name that did not fit a particular genre, but could be used for all sorts of styles. Over the years, I found out so many artists have tons of aliases and therefore lose certain people who only follow these artists under a particular alias. My device is simply that I am not bound to 1 genre in particular.
The passion I have for music has only grown extensively. As I was producing more and more projects of which I received positive feedback, I started to think of ways on getting it to a larger crowd. So I did what a lot of artists before me have done, I dove into the world of Deejaying. I did not only have a passion for music in general, but also music on vinyl. The colored vinyls, the heavier, higher quality vinyls, the rare ones and the white labels. Cut to 2020, where I find myself stuck at home, from being without a job. Again the passion for music was my salvation. I gathered all I needed to be able to practice and play for larger
crowds. Then Covid hit and I had to find another way to reach an audience. I quickly came across a platform called Twitch. This platform showed me I could play not only the music I love from other artists, but also the music I produced myself. Having watched Mike Shinoda on Twitch, I started gathering a fanbase of friends and potential fans that would turn out to become partly moderators on my channel, partly regular viewers and even subscribers. Almost exactly 1 year later, the same passion for music has also garnered it’s way into a new project I’ve been devoting my free time with pleasure to. Co-organising an online
festival called RaveLock. Held every month on Twitch, featuring some big known names, but also tons of underground DeeJays that are extremely talented and passionate the same way I am.


For this project I do a number of things. I scout dj’s alongside my 2 partners in the
organisation. Write lines for social media posts. Help with the creative process and brainstorming on how to grow as an organisation and help shape the lineups we plan. I hear you think what type of artists do you offer? How about a man who plays live trumpet and fuses it with house and techno music? Or a dj who produces music using an array of devices on the spot? We also have a dj who always tries to find the most exclusive locations with a wide array of camera angles to provide the viewer with.


As you can read I am always looking for new ways on how to reinvent myself or how to challenge myself. Lately I’ve been experimenting with writing songs and music along with it. All I need for my music to give it that edge, is actual live recordings. A site like A-Live Loops offers exactly the type of thing I am looking for.

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